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Family Fun Day!

by hmtcc

MAY : FAMILY MONTH This year the FAMILY MONTH takes a new dimension at Theophile church. As we are focusing on messages about the family throughout the month of May, the group responsible for Sunday School led by Pastor Abner Louissaint, is organizing a recreational day for families on Monday, May 30, 2011, from 10:00 […]

20ième Anniversaire des Dévouées pour Christ! (click here)

by hmtcc

20ième Anniversaire des Dévouées pour Christ! Du Jeudi 10 au Dimanche 13 Février 2011 Theme: Libère mon âme afin que je te loue… Verset de référence : Psaume 142 :7 “Tire mon âme de sa prison, afin que je célèbre ton nom ! buy generic cialis online Les justes viendront m’entourer, quand tu m’auras fait du bien.“ zp8497586rq

They featured!

by hmtcc

Theophile Media has worked hard the past couple of years and we are proud to have HaitiWebLinks feature us on their website! Check it out and Check out our page as well! nc/”> zp8497586rq